Case study: Arborline Doors

The original website was built in 2006, one of my first medium-sized websites I created. At the time the build method was tables, and a set width or 768px.....ohhh how times have changed! With several updates over its life-span the website outgrew itself and an overhaul was needed.

The main objective for the client was to create a site that was easy to maintain, but also function across different device resolutions, from a smart phone to tablet to large screen desktop. A responsive site's layout and content flows between the resolutions and breakpoints, essentially allowing you to carter for any device and only needing to edit one site.

Each gallery is tied into the Business Catalyst CMS Photo Gallery module, making it easy to edit each gallery. All the latest news and events is handled by the Blog module, and a web form for custom ordering. A simple showroom website with powerful software behind it and once again future proof the site until the next big web design trend comes along.

Arborline Doors original Exterior Doors Gallery
Original Exterior Doors Gallery
Arborline Doors New responsive Exterior Doors Gallery
New responsive Exterior Doors Gallery

Portfolio examples

Each of the portfolio images below is clickable to the website address.